Photolies was founded by two multi-awarded photographers with a fresh vision. This vision turned out to be so intriguing that our photos have now been published in over 50 different countries on five continents and our unique style is widely recognized. Today Photolies is a brand well known for its striking images and innovative concepts.

During our careers we have won a bunch of international awards and even though we are grateful for every single one of them, the most satisfying thing is the smile on our customer’s face. We have been lucky to work with both rising stars who are unpolished diamonds ready to shine and on the other hand with people on top of their game with extraordinary talent. We have collaborated with world-class athletes (in boxing, skateboarding, ski jumping and snowboarding), national and international beauty pageant finalists, dancers, bestselling authors and national celebrities as well as underground and mainstream bands.

The common nominator is pushing the limits (in whatever you do).

Whether you are a upcoming rising star or a bright burning superstar, please don’t hesitate to hit us with an email at and we’ll make the magic happen.

We have a crew for large scale productions, but of course we also shoot small scale productions. We have a vast network of MUAH-artists and models and our top of the line equipment is fully mobile.

Photolies uses:

 - Hasselblad H5D camera for studio work

 - Canon 1D X with L-series lenses and Nikon D4 with G-lenses for action shots

 - Profoto lights and modifiers

 We provide services in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Photolies is a part of Multinational Faceless Corporation. Business ID: 2495011-5